It is extremely important for every charity institution to have financial support of ongoing projects. For us too. Every USD counts, every GBP, EUR or CHF.


Please make financial donations by bank transfer to our accounts at Santander Bank Polska (Dzierżoniów Branch, Poland). Immediate online payments are easy to use (also with credit card) clicking donation's button what will redirect you to our accounts at PayPal payment system and PayU. Using PayPal you do not need to have PayPal account because they allow to use also credit cards and other payment systems.

These payments are already available on our websites.

If you want to donate by bank transfer please use one of our following accounts to "Fundacja Europa Ukrainie" (Polish name of Foundation) at Santander Bank Polska (SWIFT/BIC: WBKPPLPP):

  • PLN: PL20 1090 2301 0000 0001 5050 3161
  • EUR: PL95 1090 2301 0000 0001 5050 3460
  • USD: PL94 1090 2301 0000 0001 5050 3478
  • GBP: PL63 1090 2301 0000 0001 5050 3648
  • CHF: PL23 1090 2301 0000 0001 5050 3786
If you send donation using bank wire transfer please inform us (email: so we will immediately act knowing that your donation is on the way. Thank you!

We want to simplify and speed up payments as much as possible, that is why we will constantly develop implementation of various payment systems operating in Poland and in other countries.

We have prepared a few PayPal donation buttons for some currencies so if you want to donate please look at possible currency donations as follows:

  • USD (American Dollar) - in English:
  • EUR (Euro) - in English:
  • EUR (Euro) - auf Deutsch:

  • EUR (Euro) - en français:
  • EUR (Euro) - in italiano:
  • GBP (United Kingdom Stirling):

  • CAN (Canadian Dollar):
  • AUD (Australian Dollar):
  • NZD (New Zealand Dollar):

  • CHF (Swiss Franc) - auf Deutsch:
  • CHF (Swiss Franc) - en français:
  • PLN (Polish Zloty) - po polsku: