The Europe Ukraine Foundation was established to help victims of the war in Ukraine, both civilians and soldiers fighting invaders.


The Europe Ukraine Foundation was established after attack on Ukraine, as an expression of the solidarity of people of good heart with citizens of Ukraine, suffering from brutal enemy attacks and heroically fighting for their own country.

We decided, as citizens of various European countries, to make every effort to ensure that as much aid as possible will flow from Europe to Ukraine in every possible scope, wirh exception of weapon and ammunition. We are charity foundation, we donate all obtained funds to direct aid in Ukraine and to purchase of things that our Ukrainian partners are asking for.

The lists of needs are published in accordance with demand of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

We care especially about the fate of children what is extremely difficult because they lose not only their carefree childhood, but also their parents and loved ones, often are wounded and mutilated. Let's try together to recompense them these losses!

3 million Ukrainian citizens came to Poland, mostly women and children. We want to make this temporary stay easier for them without constant stress and anxiety. We help those who decide to stay in Poland for a long time or permanently in gaining new skills, knowledge of the Polish language, getting a job, housing, care.

We will not do it alone. That is why we count on you and your financial, material or voluntary help. Thank you for your good hearts!