Europe Ukraine Foundation - whole Europe ssupports Ukraine


The Europe Ukraine Foundation was established after outbreak of the war in Ukraine as the need of the heart: to help victims of criminal warfare. We simply could not look at the enormity of the misfortune befell the Ukrainian people.

Why the name "Europe Ukraine"? The originators of our foundation were citizens of Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany and Greece. They all acted as volunteers in the first days of war, when the largest wave of refugees was arriving in Poland. In those days, we were gaining experience in direct help, although all of us had been involved in charity before.

What we do? We organize humanitarian aid for the victims of the war in Ukraine, who are in Poland and other European countries, and of course for those who did not leave their homeland despite the threat. We know how difficult conditions they have to live, constantly fearing for their lives and their loved ones. Our goal is to ease their suffering.

We are young but very ambitious foundation. We organize help in many areas. We help with transport to Poland, we look for apartments for newcomers, we organize Polish language courses and professional qualification courses to help these people find work during their stay in Poland. We help to fit up apartments allocated to them.

We try to provide food and clothing thanks to collections. We organize collections and purchases of various types of items necessary for inhabitants of the occupied territories. This mainly applies to medical equipment, drugs, disinfectants, water purifying agents, dressings and hygiene products, food and others as required by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

We would not have been able to do anything without generous donors and without volunteers. WE THANK YOU ALL! We encourage all people with a good heart to help. Please make a financial donation in any amount, one-time or systematic, please provide all kinds of necessary items, the list of which is published on our website. All kinds of used items can be delivered to us after prior arrangement by phone or e-mail. Our large-area central warehouse is located in the warehouse complex in Bielawa (Lower Silesia) at ul. Wolności 22/24. We will be very grateful for any help. We also encourage people who want to help us as volunteers to contact us. There is something to do for everyone.