We successively purchase painkillers, which we donate first to hospitals and soldiers at the front.

PLAN: 100.000 ITEMS

Pain medications are needed in any quantity. In many places in Ukraine (primarily in Eastern and Southern Ukraine), civilians who have no connection with the war lose their lives and health in enemy's attacs or air raids. Children of all ages also suffer many wounds. They suffer unimaginably from lack of access to drugs. We cannot look unconcernedly at this pain! Soldiers fighting with endless attacs of enemy forces are also wounded and require medical support. The most important thing at this point is to get painkiller before starting any treatment.

COST: 480.000 PLN

Our plan is to provide Ukraine with a minimum of 100,000 packages of painkillers. If you can support us financially, please support us. The wholesale purchase of drugs allows us to obtain a lower price, i.e. get more packages. If you are the owners of pharmacies, please donate any amount of painkillers free of charge. Private individuals can also donate. In any case, please remember that their validity period should be still at least 6 months . Thank you!