Manufacturing and individual adjustment of special leg prosthesis in an orthopedic clinic in the European Union for 5 war victims.


If you saw the photos of heroic defenders from Azovstal plant in Mariupol, you must have noticed that many of them were deprived of limbs as a result of fights: arms and legs, and yet they continued to fight for their homeland.

But not only troops loose limbs what makes impossible to live normally. Civilians also lost limbs, including CHILDREN!

It is a terrible tragedy for those who suffered it through the fault of a beastly enemy. It is especially difficult to help here, but we have to do it.

COST: 350.000 PLN

Help for these people consists of making a prosthesis for a lost limb. Prostheses are very expensive, hence our project covers only 5 people in the first phase due to their enormous cost. Prostheses will be made and adjusted to the needs of the disabled, the treatment of which is undertaken by hospitals in Western Europe. We will be very grateful if you help us to this end. Imagine how hard it is to live for a girl who has lost a leg but will grow and the problems with the prosthesis will also increase. Let us return them to normal life together!