For refugees who have come to our region and want to live here, we are looking for home equipment such as furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, household and radio equipment, kitchen articles, etc.


As part of the "Safe house" program, we try to furnish apartments of families who find their place in Poland. These families usually need everything what is necessary for a normal life: furniture, beds, household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, vacuum cleaners, irons) as well as small appliances that make life easier.

COST: 160.000 PLN

If you have items that can be part of the apartment equipment and you want to give it, please contact us. These goods can also be delivered to our central warehouse in Bielawa (Lower Silesia). Some of these articles we will send directly to Ukraine to people who have decided to return to their destroyed apartments. Please remember that this equipment should be working (we do not have the possibility of repair or funds for repair). Thank you!