Regulations for making payments of donations addressed to the Europe for Ukraine Foundation via the website https://europaukrainie.pl

§ 1 Definitions
The following terms used each time on the Foundation's website at www.europaukrainie.pl have the following meanings:
a. "Foundation" - the Europe for Ukraine Foundation, with its seat in Dzierżoniów (Poland), registered at the address: ul. Targowa 8, 58-200 Dzierżoniów (Poland), entered by the District Court in Wrocław, Poland in the register of foundations under KRS number 0000969171, REGON: 521871088, NIP: 8822140501.
b. "Website" - the website of the Foundation https://europaukrainie.pl, enabling the Foundation to receive financial donations to its statutory charity.
c. "Regulations" - a list of rules governing the use of the Foundation's website https://europaukrainie.pl.
d. "Donation" - funds transferred to the Foundation for statutory purposes through payments by bank transfer and using PayU or PayPal payment systems.

§ 2 Donation rules
a. These regulations define the rules and method of making financial donations to the Foundation through Foundation's website https://europaukrainie.pl.
b. Donors make financial donations by depositing funds using a properly secured payment form supported by proven, reputable, and widely used electronic payment systems in Internet - PayPal and PayU.
c. Access to electronic payment systems is possible through the website https://europaukrainie.pl, which, using special individual plug-in codes provided by the listed electronic payment systems, redirects to a fully secure payment system.
d. Donations can be made once or recurringly in any amount.
e. Making a donation using the electronic payment system PayU or PayPal requires use of web browser on computer, tablet or smartphone.

§ 3 Confirmation of donations
a. Upon the donor's request sent by e-mail to "finance@europaukrainie.pl" The Foundation will issue an acknowledgement of donations to the Foundation within one month of receipt of the e-mail.
b. If the donation is made to the Foundation by means of a BLIK payment, no confirmation is issued.
§ 4 Final Provisions
a. By making donations to the Foundation through the website https://europaukrainie.pl, you accept these Regulations.
b. The provisions of the Rules may be amended by the Foundation at any time.
c. Information on the changes made to the Rules will be posted on the website.
d. Please report any objections or comments to the Foundation as indicated on the website under "contact us".

Done on 1st June 2022.