You can also help without donations - simply donating various appliances, furniture, hygiene articles, fire extinguishers, tools, machines, medical equipment, etc.


Not only financial means are important for people in need. But thanks to financial donations we can buy cheaper wholesale quantities of the necessary things.

Victims of war need a lot of basic things because in most cases they have lost their whole lifetime assets.

If you have items that may be useful to the refugees, please donate them. Our refugees need everything from furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, household appliances, TV and audio equipment, tools and machines, computers for remote learning for children and adolescents, etc.
We especially care about medical and hospital equipment, rehabilitation devices and diagnostic laboratories.

Of course, if you want to give urgently needed goods specified on our project pages, please contact us. All donated items are packed for shipment to Ukraine (or for transfer to refugees staying in Poland) in our central warehouse in Bielawa.

Everything is needed, but please remember to give things that are functioning properly and do not require repair. The repair costs can be much higher than the purchase of a new item.